Zephaniah was a prophet before Jeremiah. He lived at a time when the old idolatries reappeared and people were worshiping sun, moon, and stars. The worship of God alone taught by Moses was being phased out and other polytheistic forms of worship were flourishing in Jerusalem. To the corrupt city, Zephaniah announced an impending judgement: the day of the LORD. Our passages today come from the third section of the book where in His mercy, the LORD will spare a holy remnant, which will enjoy peace. Chapter 3 closes with a hynm of joy.
Zephaniah 3:9-10, 12-13
verses 9-10 For then I will change and purify the lips of the peoples, that they all may call upon the Name of the LORD, to serve Him with one accord; From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia and as far as the recesses of the North, they shall bring me offerings.
verses 12-13 But I will leave as a remnant in your midst a people humble and lowly, who shall take refuge in the Name of the LORD: the remnant of Israel.
The book of Haggai contained no references to the Name of the LORD.

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