Chapter 44 of the book of Jeremiah tells of some of the last prophecies of Jeremiah. By this point, Jeremiah is exiled to Egypt with some other Jews from Judah. Jeremiah laments that the Jews in Egypt persist in idolatry (verses 1-14), they refuse to reform (verses 15-19), and so Jeremiah then pronounces destruction upon them (verses 20-30).
Jeremiah 44: 26-27 But listen then to the word of the LORD, all you people of Judah who live in Egypt; I swear by My own great Name, says the LORD, in the whole land of Egypt no man of Judah shall henceforth pronounce My Name, saying, “As the Lord GOD lives.” I am watching over them to do evil, not good. All the men of Judah in Egypt shall perish by the sword or famine until they are utterly destroyed.
Jeremiah 46: 18 (An oracle of Jeremiah against Egypt warning of invasion by a country to the north) As I live, says the King whose Name is LORD of hosts, like Tabor among the mountains he shall come (Nebuchadnezzar), like Carmel above the sea.
Jeremiah 48:15 (Moab, an ancient land area east of the Dead Sea was also prophesied by Jeremiah to be destroyed so as to stir the Moabites to repentance.) The ravager of Moab and his cities advances, the flower of his youth goes down to be slaughtered, says the King, the LORD of hosts by Name.

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