As was discussed before all the entries of the psalms, part of the history of Jerusalem was that Babylon invaded Israel, destroyed the temple and took captive most of the Jewish people to be slaves in Babylon. This next entry of the prophet Isaiah mocks Babylon.

Isaiah 47: 3-4 Your nakedness (Babylon’s) shall be uncovered and your shame be seen; I will take vengeance, I will yield to no entreaty, says our Redeemer, Whose Name is the LORD of hosts, the Holy One of Israel.

The people in exile are reminded that they were warned of the Babylonian invasion long before it was a reality in Chapter 48 verses 1-9 verses 1-9 Hear this, O house of Jacob called by the name Israel, sprung from the stock of Judah, you who swear by the Name of the LORD and invoke the God of Israel without sincerity or justice, though you are named after the holy city and rely on the God of Israel, whose Name is the LORD of hosts. Things of the past I foretold long ago they went forth from My mouth, I let you hear of them; then suddenly I took action and they came to be. Because I know that you are stubborn and that your neck is an iron sinew and your forehead bronze, I foretold them to you of old; before they took place I let you hear of them, that you might not say, “My idol did them, my statue, my molten image commanded them.” Now that you have heard, look at all this; must you not admit it? From now on I announce new things to you, hidden events of which you knew not. Now, not long ago, they are brought into being, and beforetime you did not hear of them, so that you cannot claim to have known them; You neither heard nor knew, they did not reach your ears beforehand. Yes, I know you are utterly treacherous, a rebel you were called from birth. For the sake of My Name I restrain My anger, for the sake of My renown I hold it back from you, lest I should destroy you.


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