Isaiah 26:7-13 The way of the just is smooth; the path of the just You make level. Yes, for Your way and Your judgements, O LORD, we look to You; Your Name and Your title are the desire of our souls, my soul yearns for You in the night, yes, my spirit within me keeps vigil for You; when Your judgement dawns upon the earth, the world’s inhabitants learn justice. The wicked man, spared, does not learn justice; in an upright land he acts perversely, and sees not the majesty of the LORD. O LORD, Your Hand is uplifted, but they behold It not; let them be shamed when they see Your zeal for Your people: let the fire prepared for Your enemies consume them. O LORD, You mete out peace to us, for it is You who have accomplished all we have done. O LORD, our God, other lords than You have ruled us; it is from You only that we can call upon Your Name.
Isaiah 29:23 When his (Jacob’s) children see the work of My Hands in his midst, they shall keep My Name holy; they shall reverence the Holy One of Jacob, and be in awe of the God of Israel.

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