Sirach 36:10-15 Gather all the tribes of Jacob, that they may inherit the land as of old. Show mercy to the people called by Your Name; Israel, whom You named Your first-born. Take pity on Your holy city, Jerusalem, Your dwelling place. Fill Zion with Your majesty, Your temple with Your glory. Give evidence of Your deeds of old; fulfill the prophecies spoken in Your Name, reward those who have hoped in You, and let Your prophets be proved true.
Sirach 39:15-16, 35 Proclaim the greatness of His Name, loudly sing His praises, with music on the harp and all stringed instruments; sing out with joy as you proclaim: The works of God are all of them good; in its own time every need is supplied.
verse 35 So now with full joy of heart proclaim and bless the Name of the Holy One.
Sirach 45:15 (talking about Aaron and his family and the role of priests) For Moses ordained him and anointed him with the holy oil, in a lasting covenant with him and his family, as permanent as the heavens, that he should serve God in his priesthood and bless His people in His Name.
Sirach 47:9-10 (talking about the role of David in worshiping God) He (David) added beauty to the feasts and solemnized the seasons of each year with string music before the altar, providing sweet melody for the psalms so that when the Holy Name was praised, before daybreak the sanctuary would resound.

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