Wisdom 10:20 Therefore the just despoiled the wicked; and they sang, O LORD, Your holy Name and praised in unison Your conquering Hand- because Wisdom opened the mouths of the dumb, and gave ready speech to infants.

Wisdom chapter 14 talks about the origin and evils of idolatry. Verses 15-21 talk about an artisan that may skillfully make a likeness of a distant king only to have the people then idolize the statue… Wisdom 14: 19-21 For he (the sculptor), mayhap in his determination to please the ruler, labored over the likeness to the best of his skill; and the masses, drawn by the charm of the workmanship, soon thought he should be worshiped who shortly before was honored as a man. And this became a snare for mankind, that men enslaved to either grief or tyranny conferred the incommunicable Name (LORD) on stocks and stones.

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