The book of Sirach was written about 200 B.C. It has had value in the Catholic Church for centuries as a church book to teach the faithful and catechumens. This book is not included in the Hebrew nor the Protestant bible. The book of Sirach teaches general truths about how we ought to relate to God as individuals, families, and communities.

Sirach 17:1-8 The LORD from the earth created man, and in His own image He made him. Limited days of life He gives him and makes him return to earth again. He endows man with a strength of his own, and with power over all things else on earth. He puts the fear of Him in all flesh, and gives him rule over beasts and birds. He forms men’s tongues and eyes and ears, and imparts to them an understanding heart. With wisdom and knowledge He fills them; good and evil He shows them. He looks with favor upon their hearts, and shows them His glorious works, that they may describe the wonders of His deeds and praise His holy Name.

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