The book of Judith tells of a devout widow that plans to save the Jews from Assyrian aggression. She devises a plan and prays for its success.

part of Judith’s prayer Judith 9:7-9 “Here are the Assyrians, a vast force, priding themselves on horse and rider, boasting of the power of their infantry, trusting in shield and spear, bow and sling. They do not know that ‘You, the LORD, crush warfare; LORD is Your Name.’ Shatter their strength in Your might, and crush their force in Your wrath; for they have resolved to profane Your sanctuary, to defile the tent where Your glorious Name resides, and to overthrow with iron the horns of Your altar. See their pride, and send forth Your wrath upon their heads. Give me, a widow, the strong hand to execute my plan.”
After Judith’s victory she praises God   Judith 16:1-2 “Strike up the instruments, a song to my God with timbrels, chant to the LORD with cymbals; Sing to Him a new song, exalt and acclaim His Name. For the LORD is God; He crushes warfare, and sets His encampment among His people; He snatched me from the hands of my persecutors.”

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