Entering into the Books of Chronicles. There are book 1 and book 2 of Chronicles. They are books that list events from the time of King Saul up to the time the Jews returned to Israel after their exile. You will read entries that have been presented before from the book of Samuel or the book of Kings because Chronicles are another source of information for us that has been compiled into the Bible.

During the time of King Saul’s reign, the Ark of the Covenant was neglected. Jews did not worship Our Lord as He deserved. After David became King, he sought to capture Jerusalem from the Jebusite people. With that conquest, David built homes for his wives and children in Jerusalem.  Then David remembered the Ark where the LORD’s Name resided.  He wanted to move the Ark of the Covenant from Judah where it had rested for twenty years to Jerusalem. In 1 Chronicles 13:3 David said, “…let us bring the ark of our God here among us, for in the days of Saul we did not visit it.”  He made plans to bring the Ark and consulted Levite priests on how to carry it to Jerusalem. The account of David bringing the ark into Jerusalem is given in two different biblical books: 2 Samuel chapter 6 and 1 Chronicles chapter 13-16  which indicates the great significance this event portended in worshiping the Name of the Lord.

1 Chronicles 13:6 David and all Israel went up to baalah, that is, to Kiriath-jearim, of Judah, to bring back the ark of God, which was known by the Name “LORD enthroned upon the cherubim.” David arranged for singers, chanters, and musicians to play on harps, lyres, brass cymbals, and trumpets to make a joyful sound of rejoicing for the Lord. In a robe of fine linen, David led the procession leaping, dancing and rejoicing in the Lord.

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1 Chronicles Chapter 16 verses 2-3, 7-10, 28-30, and 34-36  After the ark was set in place under the tent, peace offerings and holocausts were made to the Lord. David blessed the people in the Name of the Lord and he offered every man and woman, a loaf of bread, meat, and a raisin cake. Finally, he authorized the Levite priest to sing for the first time these praises to the Lord: Give thanks to the LORD, invoke His Name; make known among the nations His deeds. Sing to Him, sing His praise, proclaim all His wondrous deeds. Glory in His holy Name; rejoice, O hearts that seek the LORD!
verses 28-30 Give to the LORD, you families of nations, give to the LORD glory and praise; Give to the LORD the glory due His Name! Bring gifts, and enter His presence; worship the LORD in holy attire. Tremble before Him, all the earth; He has made the world firm, not to be moved.
verses 34-36 Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, and His kindness endures forever; and say, “Save us, O God, our Savior, gather us and deliver us from the nations, That we may give thanks to Your Holy Name and glory in praising You. Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, through all eternity! Let all the people say Amen! Alleluia.

1 Chronicles 17:21 David’s Thanksgiving “Is there, like Your people Israel, whom You redeemed from Egypt, another nation on earth whom a god went to redeem as his people? You won for Yourself a Name for great and awesome deeds by driving out the nations before Your people.

Today, our Ark of the Covenant is Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle in Catholic Churches.  Let us visit Him and pray.


by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

My Lord Jesus Christ, Who for the love which You bear to men, remain night and day in this Sacrament full of compassion and of love, waiting, calling and welcoming all who come to visit You; I believe that You are truly present in the Sacrament of the altar.

I adore You humbly, and I thank You for all the graces which You have bestowed upon me; in particular for having given me Yourself in this Sacrament, for having given me Your most holy Mother Mary as my mediatrix and for having called me to visit You in this church.

I salute Your most loving Heart, and this for three purposes: first, in thanksgiving for this great gift; secondly, to make amends to You for all the outrages which You receive in this Sacrament from all Your enemies; thirdly, to adore You, by this visit, in all the places on earth in which You are present in this Sacrament and in which You are least revered and most abandoned.

My Jesus I love You with my whole heart!

I grieve for having so often offended Your infinite goodness. I promise, by Your grace, never more to offend You and, as unworthy as I am, I consecrate myself to You completely; renouncing my entire will, my affections, my desires, and all that I possess. Do with me as You please and whatever You please with all that I have.

All that I ask and desire of You is Your holy love, final perseverance, and the perfect accomplishment of Your will. I entrust to You the souls in purgatory, especially those who had the greatest devotion to You in the Most Blessed Sacrament and to the most Blessed Virgin Mary. I also recommend to You all poor sinners.

Finally, dear Savior, I unite all my affections with those of Your most loving Heart and I offer them, thus united, to Your Eternal Father, beseeching Him in Your Name because of Your love, to accept them and to grant my petitions.


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