This post from 2 Kings is about two different Kings, one bad and one good.  Keeping in mind that King David reigned about 1000 years before Jesus Christ was born helps in understanding the period of time of the books of Kings. After King Solomon died, the Kingdom of Israel split into two kingdoms. There was the Kingdom of Judah (and Benjamin) which contained Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Israel which contained the ten northern tribes. Each kingdom had a king, some were good but the majority were not. Several of the kings had a man of God, a prophet, to help the king make good decisions for the kingdom.
The following entry is about the 13th king of Judah whose name was Manasseh. He reigned for 55 years from 687 BC to 642 BC and he was very corrupt.
2 Kings 21: 6-7 He (Manasseh) immolated his son by fire. He practiced soothsaying and divination, and reintroduced the consulting of ghosts and spirits. He did much evil in the LORD’s sight and provoked Him to anger. The asherah idol he made, he set up in the temple, of which the LORD had said to David and to his son Solomon: “In this temple and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, I shall place My Name forever.”
King Josiah 640 BC to 608 BC, king of Judah
2 Kings 23:27 Josiah abolished all idolatry throughout Judah but the LORD said: “Even Judah will I put out of My sight as I did Israel. I will reject this city, Jerusalem, which I chose, and the temple of which I said, ‘There shall My Name be.’


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