As of this post, we have entered the Book of Leviticus to continue our studies of the Holy Name.  The Book of Leviticus is the third of five books believed to have been written by Moses.  Scholars think Moses wrote this book over a period of a month when the LORD was giving him detailed instructions about priestly conduct during the sacrificial ceremonies of worship and how the people should conduct themselves to grow in holiness and reverence for the LORD.  It says ‘The LORD said to Moses…’ at least fifty-six times in the text of Leviticus which means that the LORD was directly guiding the Israelites to serve Him and be dedicated to Him in keeping His laws.

There are a few references to the Holy Name in Leviticus that show the protective and loving care that God has for His children.  In Leviticus 18: 21 the LORD says, “You shall not offer any of your offspring to be immolated to molech, thus profaning the Name of your God.  I am the LORD.”  Furthermore in Leviticus 20: 2-3 God says, “Tell the Israelites:  Anyone, whether an Israelite or an alien residing in Israel, who gives any of his offspring to molech shall be put to death.  Let his fellow citizens stone him.  I Myself will turn against such a man and cut him off from the body of his people; for in giving his offspring to molech, he has defiled My Sanctuary and profaned My holy Name.”

Some of the people venerated the false deity, molech, which was a god of child sacrifice.  In those days a bronze statue would be heated and the baby would be thrown into the statue.  This practice was abhorrent and clearly, our loving Creator is instructing the Israelites to stop the practice of infant sacrifice.  Yet even today infant sacrifice is flourishing throughout the world with the millions of abortions that take place.  It is our duty and responsibility to affirm the lives of the most vulnerable.  We need to pray that all people value the lives of the unborn, infants, the sick, the elderly and those with special needs and not diminish their worth and dignity in any way.

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