You will realize that God gradually revealed Himself to people throughout time. This blog will show the process of God manifesting Himself over thousands of years to different people and revealing His Name to them and the characteristics of His nature. By now we have the benefit of thousands and thousands of years of God’s revelation and manifestations and we are privy to information from all past ages for the knowledge and love of God.
God LOVES His creation! He loves all the animals, birds, people and things He has made. He is so interested in all of His creation, that He wants everything to be named. In fact, after God created Adam, it says in Genesis 2:19 So the Lord God formed out of the ground various wild animals and various birds of the air, and he brought them to the man to see what he would call them; whatever the man called each of them would be its name. God designated His creature, a human man to be given the honor to name all of the creatures that God made. Then we read of the handover of power from the Creator to the created. God gave man dominion over His created beings with the power to name and care for His creation.
A name is more than a designation for someone. It has meaning and inherent dignity attached to it. The first people were acutely aware of the dignity of their names. This is evident in that the books of the Bible contain the names of people from all walks of life. For example, Kings as well as servants are named, pagans and God’s people are all mentioned by their names in the words of the Bible. The sixty-three generations of father to child from Adam to Jesus are named specifically in the bible. Take a moment to consider that Our Loving God carefully made billions of people and knows each of us by name. Now let us go about learning to love the Name of the Lord.

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